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– Part One – Positive Attitude There are many great values CEME Conference Centre cherishes, as these values are key to the success not just in the business but in teamwork as well.
In these series I will introduce these values and share the ‘behind the scenes’ secrets of this high performing business and its team 
Positive Attitude is one of those topic that usually comes up on company inductions and somehow implemented in almost every companies visions or missions.
There is no secret or hidden trick behind the fact that without positive attitude many business would fail.

According to the Conference and Incentive Travel Magazine; Event agencies spend more than £40,000 a year on staff training. Majority is to develop positive attitude within the staff, so they will be engaging when serving customers.
Some industry (like hospitality) can be more pressuring than others but needless to say; in order to maintain good customer service and satisfaction you will need employees with a smile on every day.

Kristina Jefremova works as CEME’s Event Sales Coordinator and we had a chat with her about what this positive attitude is all about
Q: How long have you been working for CEME?
Kristina: 1 year, 3 months
Q: Where did you work before?
Kristina:  At The Landmark London Hotel as Banqueting Coordinator
Q: Do you see any difference how different companies understand positive attitude?
Kristina: Understanding is very similar. It depends a lot not only on individual’s set of mind but also on your ability to work as team member with your colleagues.
Q: What is positive attitude for you?
Kristina: It is the ability to see the goodness and possibilities in any situation.
Q: Why do you think it is important?
Kristina: It improves your performance and communication with clients and colleagues which leads to business growth and positive work environment.
Q: On your worst day at a restaurant or on a banquette back then, how did you tackle pressure with positive attitude?
Kristina: The most important is to think about the results you will have when the job will be done. I am sure this is motivating to everyone!
Q: What would you advice be, how to maintain positive attitude?
Kristina:  Smile! It is a simple and basic thing, but makes a big difference.
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Posted by on in Venue Visits
If you fancy celebrating your civil partnership or wedding in a World War Two aircraft hangar in the shadow of historic aircraft, then the Royal Air Force Museum in London has some ideas for you. It’s an opportunity for Bridegrooms to remember their childhood airplane models, while Brides can take comfort from the fact that it’s fully heated, and spotlessly clean so their dresses will stay that way too.


The museum is in Grahame Park Way, London NW9 5LL, although satellite navigators will have better luck with NW9 5QW. Follow the A1 parallel to the N1 and turn east along Aerodrome Road. Turn right shortly into Aviation Drive and right into Grahame Parkway. You can’t miss the gigantic building, although the runways have fallen silent and turned into housing.

Your guests can enjoy a glass of wine in the Battle of Britain Hall, where Spitfires and Hurricanes stand proudly. Then you could retire for dinner in the shadow of a historic Lancaster bomber, or find something more contemporary in the Milestones of Flight Hangar. The catering facilities are superb and there is parking for everybody on site.

The Royal Air Force Museum has a sister facility at Cosford, Shifnal, Shropshire that can accommodate up to 800 guests just half an hour away from Birmingham and Wolverhampton - and only 10 minutes from Telford. They have three great wedding spaces for three very different sets of circumstances.

Hangar One is a generous room with fantastic props. You can receive your guests with drinks in the company of the Argosy and Anson aircraft. When you are ready, you can retire to the dinner-dance of your choice beneath the spreading wings of a Comet airliner.

The Visitor Centre has an amazing glass frontage and presents a more modern alternative. This is perfect for a formal reception-dinner in the evening. Perhaps the most amazing place of all to sip chilled cocktails is the National Cold War Exhibition, where you can while away the hours in the company of legendary Vulcan, Victor and Valiant nuclear bombers. What a way to make an impact!


The London Museum is expansive and we were feeling peckish after exploring it. They have two eating places, being the aptly named Echo Alpha Tango Restaurant, and the Wessex Café for lighter snacks. We settled for the former’s aged beef burgers served with cheese and caramelised onions, while junior and his sister got stuck into their mini cheese and tomato pizzas, with garlic bread and fresh salad respectively.

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While we were surprised to find farmland as opposed to water surrounding the Hinckley Island Hotel, we perked up immediately after we arrived. This contemporary, modern hotel is an oasis of calm in the heart of Leicestershire, and has absolutely everything you could possibly want for the wedding of your lifetime.


We had no idea what to expect as we drove down the M69 and exited east on the A5. We were able to drive right up to the buildings, because they are in a circle with a road around. Just perfect for a cold or rainy day we thought. But what would we find inside? We discovered the Hinckley Island Hotel has five suites that cater from anything from 40 wedding guests to 400, and that each has its own distinct character. The cherry on the cake is they cater specially for Asian, Jewish and Greek celebrations

The hotel complex is impressive. They have conference facilities for up to 600 people, and 362 bedrooms including 4 suites. We thought the prices reasonable given they have free wi-fi and parking, and are dog and kid friendly too. The Health and Fitness Centre is open to hotel guests and members. Bookings are essential during busy times.

We were particularly impressed with the facilities the Hinckley Island Hotel lays on for weddings. Your guests will benefit from ample complementary parking and admission through a private entrance. They host wedding fayres from time to time including bridal fashion shows with canapés and champagne. You can meet local service providers, and even get a goody bag for the bride-to-be.

What’s more, you can choose between in-house catering by local firms, and bringing your own caterer with you who already understands your needs. When we visited we were feeling peckish and faced the dilemma of choosing between the Brasserie and Conservatory restaurants, and the more informal Piazza Bar for lunch. The latter won hands down as we were in a rush. We settled for delicious tender roast beef and spicy horseradish sandwiches on the shore overlooking the lake. We decided the Hinckley does look like an island after all.


The hotel has a team of consultants dedicated to delivering weddings and conferences to international standards. There is no charge for the service and we recommend you use it. We are confident in recommending the Hinckley Island Hotel for your wedding and reception.
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Proposing to your partner to get permanently hitched is a big moment in your life, and you could be feeling nervous. In this picture a giant wave knocks a couple off a rock. Fortunately nobody got hurt and the insurance paid out. This goes to prove it pays to plan, and maybe check the tides and weather too.


Be Sure to Ask First

Having a proposal turned down could be the worst day in your life. You feel awful and your girlfriend does not know what to do next. Do not wreck a special friendship and end up with an unwanted diamond in your bottom drawer. Talk openly about marriage first.

Discuss the Ring Together
While you are going to order the ring and pay for it, it does make sense to check details like your girlfriend’s ring-finger size, and the design she fancies. Besides, she may not even want a ring at all, in which case you have more money for the celebration and can invite extra friends.
Touch Sides with Parents
Don’t get me wrong. You do not have to ask anybody’s permission to get married except your partner. That said, both sets of parents are concerned about your futures and it is a good idea to have them onside. They will appreciate you more if you discuss it first.

Be Unexpected

Saying, “Honey, can I propose to you next Tuesday at 10 am”, defeats the purpose. Part of the game is your offer is supposed to be a big surprise. That said, doing it in the underground is hardly romantic. Make your offer of a life together in romantic space where you can steal a kiss.

Be Well Prepared

Getting engaged is a big deal and you do not want to mess it up. Like any other speechmaker, you need to check the venue out, make your notes, and practice. All great orators do that. Winston Churchill did and Barack Obama does. You can bet the Queen does too!

Choose the Perfect Spot

Proposing can be even more romantic if you get things warmed up first. You do this taking her to a romantic spot where you can be all alone. She will be thinking, “Is this the moment that I finally get popped the question?” When you do, she will be so pleased she will melt into your arms as you slip the ring across her finger.


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Formal weddings in clobber you never see again do not belong with people who believe in having fun. A wedding is a time to celebrate with those you love. You can do the ceremony any way you want. The rest is up to your imagination and here are some suggestions.

Have an Early Morning Affair–And by that we mean before the birds get up and when the sky is just a glow on the horizon. You are officially starting your married life together so you may as well share it with the dawn. Get your timing right. Exchange rings as the golden globe appears, and you will have a memory that will stun your friends.


Celebrate with a Bonfire– If our first suggestion was a little premature how about going somewhere after dark where you arranged a bonfire just waiting for a light. After the ceremony is over the bridegroom says something like ‘honey stoke my fire’, the bride does just that and the champagne corks begin to pop.

Have a Competition– This one needs a little prearranging. You need to think up a few questions that your guests should know the answer for. Create two teams and give out clues like ‘John’s Secret Hobby’ and ‘Mary’s Big Cake Disaster’. The girls in the winning team get to kiss the groom and the boys the bride. Steady on the passion, this is just for fun.

Plan Something for the Kids– Chances are many of your guests have children of their own, and really don’t want to leave them behind or tell them to be quiet. Arrange something special for their children that will keep them happily occupied. Think big. Hire in a clown. Organise a hide and seek with really groovy prizes.

Do It Over a Weekend– And why not? Who needs to dash to a wedding after work, and drive home in the dark after too much food and drink? Ask several of your best friends to find a venue that everybody can afford and that has space for everybody too. You have more than enough to concentrate on what with planning the ceremony. Tell them to make it happen!


Organise a Band– Getting married costs money, but what the heck. You only live once and you intend to stay together forever afterwards. Instead of ordering expensive French champagne and canapés to die for, why not serve something simple to the accompaniment of a band that you can dance to all night long.
Of course, these are not the only possibilities. We just wanted to give a few examples. There may be a hundred more ways to make getting married fun.
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